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    Follow the journey of three women through one of life's most difficult challenges: becoming a young widow. Maureen Bobo, Chasity Williams and Khadija Ali share three different perspectives of how becoming a widow and dealing with the process of grief changed their lives forever. This book is not only significant to losing a spouse, but to comprehend and grasp the outlook of grief overall. Everyone will lose someone close to him or her at some point in life and will want to latch on to someone or something they can relate to. The ladies cover various topics such as what happened, single parenting, finances, balance, coping mechanisms, digression, resentment, complicated grief, gaining to be understood and so much more.


    This book is raw, uncut and has many personal reflections that may be surprising to read. The feelings of grief are often times overwhelming, but The Unwelcome Committee welcomes you in and wants you to know that healing does and can happen. This book will not only help you understand our journey, but to educate and understand how you may help others that have suffered a loss of a loved one. We are not only a book but also a community. We relate. We understand. We listen. We care. We give you the 'real' story behind being on The Unwelcome Committee.


    Healing Happens.


  • about the authors.

    Maureen Bobo

    Maureen Bobo is a Christ follower, Love Advocate, Speaker, Author, Social Worker, and Mompreneur. Her ministries include grief, singles, and health and wellness. Maureen is a single parent of two daughters ages fourteen and seven. She became a single parent on April 7, 2010, when her husband of thirteen years, Martin Quinn Bobo, passed away of chronic heart disease at the age of forty-five. The children at that time were ages eight years and two months old.

    The grief from that tragedy led Maureen to develop The Beautiful Stones Ministries, in which the goal is to provide love and support to the grieving heart through grief support groups and social services. Maureen is a Director at Hope for Widows Foundation, an organization that supports widows through the grieving process and beyond by providing life transition resources and immediate peer connections; facilitating the healing process and allowing them to rebuild and re-engage in life.

    Maureen is a contributor to Grief Diaries: Poetry, Prose and More. She is also involved in singles ministry development at her church. She believes that singles need to be nurtured and cultivated in the season that they are in so they can thrive in God's purposes for their lives. Maureen has completed four half marathons and has a goal to complete a half marathon in every state. She has a message for people: “Be your own superhero, and make your own self proud through intentional self-care.” and that you CAN go from "Tragedy to Triumph." Although based in Ohio, Maureen plans to encourage people worldwide to rock their inner athlete to the core and become unleashed! Through her life story, Maureen wants to encourage and inspire people to not only dream but dream big, by putting their faith in flight and loving themselves and others.

    Visit her website: www.healthaliciouscoffee.myorganogold.com




    Chasity Williams

    Chasity Williams is currently a Practice Coordinator for a Management Consulting Firm in Dallas, TX. Chasity was a stay at home mom for several years until she decided to transition into the workforce full time. She has been employed in the Administrative field with several leading companies where she supported Executive level leaders and managed office practices in diverse industries. Her extensive background includes C-Suite/Executive Level Assistant, Corporate Event Planning, Complex Calendar and Travel Logistics, Human Resources and Client Relations and Engagement Development. Chasity also has experience with grief group facilitation, bereavement support at local Hospices and churches and leading/moderating several online grief resources. Her passion and heart is to serve and help others.

    Chasity is also a co-author of a book titled ‘The Unwelcome Committee’ which was published in November 2016. It shares three different perspectives of how becoming a widow and dealing with the process of grief changed their lives forever. To read more about this journey please visit: http://amzn.to/2bIePUo

    Chasity met her late husband at the young age of eighteen. In June of 2009, her life would forever change when she lost her husband suddenly in a drowning at the age of thirty four years old. Finding out who she was again, raising her son and living life to the fullest even after this tragedy was a mission she was eager to accomplish. Darrell and Chasity have one son together who is now attending college and pursuing his dreams in Operations Management and Entrepreneurship.

    Chasity enjoys volunteering, sporting events, writing and spending time with her family and friends.




    Khadija Ali

    Khadija Ali is a coach, motivational speaker and author. Her passion for helping women evolve and transform their lives stems from triumphing over tragedy in her own life. In 2007, she found herself a single mom to five children after losing her husband to colon cancer. Overnight, she had to figure out how to settle her husband's estate and find housing for her and her five children. It was a wake up call for this newly widowed woman. In 2012, Khadija asked ten other young widows to write a book about their experience. Only two widows, Maureen Bobo and Chasity Williams, continued on with the book, 'The Unwelcome Committee'. The book is not only significant to losing a spouse, but to comprehend and grasp the outlook of grief overall. She is also co-director of Hope For Widows Foundation, an organization that assists widowed women in finding solace. When Khadija is not coaching, speaking, or writing, she hosts 'Evolutionary Radio' on Blog Talk Radio Mondays and Thursdays 5:30pm.

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    See below from what some of our wonderful readers our saying about The Unwelcome Committee. We continue to have an outpouring of support and purchases. We are blessed and grateful the impact we are having is not only with widows, but with those that have lost a loved one and dealing with grief overall. We love and appreciate our supporters. Also, if you would like to read more reviews visit our Amazon page for some more great feedback.

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    "Reading this book allowed me to see what my own mother must have experienced when my father died. For the first time it wasn't just about my grief. It also opened the door for us to heal in this area together" - C. Saunders


    "I love everything about this book. Having these three women share their story, through pain, heartache, confusion, grief.. Coupled with holding it all together and never giving up or losing hope. It's a must read. We have all suffered grief on some level, all differently. Truly relatable. Often times widows are soon forgotten after the dust settles, but these women are here to share their store and offer hope. " - Love2Shop


    "This was a poignant and heartfelt book for me. It brought back memories of my father's death that were painful. Yet, I am finally at peace after reading this book. It was raw and honest. Thank you Maureen, Chasity and Khadija."- D. Luna


    "The subject of grief shared by these women was truly compelling. I felt as if they each allowed me to see, hear and experience there loss on a level that exposed me to the sweetness and delicacy of life. To be clear, I received my book and finished it in an afternoon. The only time I stopped reading was to pause on those moments that opened me up to past losses I hadn't thought about in years. Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. Life and death are inseparable but, this book demonstrates that recovery is a process and sometimes on this journey when we think are alone...our memories of those who died show up to get us through" - JD


    "What an inspirational read! These three women shared so much of themselves and their personal journeys before and after becoming widows. I shed tears and can only imagine what their stories will mean to other widows, as well as to others dealing with grief and loss. I admire their willingness to share intimate details of their periods of weakness, their marital challenges, the depths of their grief, their struggles to move forward, their strengths, and their triumphs. I wish each of them much joy and blessings as they continue their journeys"- TPH


    "The Unwelcome Committee by Maureen Bobo, Chastity Williams and Khadija Ali took me back to the days when grief enveloped me like smoke from a mushroom cloud. I felt I’d been sucker-punched when I received the news, while on vacation, of the demise of Rocky, my boyfriend of three years. I grieved like a widow. In this book these ladies tell a sobering story of life on the Unwelcome Committee. I can relate to the struggle because I spent time on that committee, too. It was only through the healing that comes with the passage of time that I was able to relinquish my seat. The book is written with the raw emotions tempered with wisdom and insight from women who’ve matured, “grown-up” and stepped up, even while raging against the need to do so. It is just the kind of book I would have clung to like a life-raft had it been written 11 years ago when I needed it. I proud to know one of the authors and count her among my sister/friends. Khadija Ali, you did it, and it is wonderful! I thank all three authors for giving of themselves so openly, for finally committing to print what they held in their hearts. And for leaving a roadmap for others, and frank talk for their kids. From Chastity Williams I got closure. I, too was not allowed to see my Rocky because he had been dead for nearly a week before his body was found. Reading your reaction to the news about not seeing Darrell reminded me of my own experience and helped me understand it better. It wasn’t personal, it was professional. Maureen Bobo does a great job of breaking down the truth about where her marriage was headed and why. You hear grieving widows defined by the years of love, devotion and happiness they gave to their husbands. Maureen keeps it real by talking frankly about losing her spouse during the breaking point of a troubled marriage, and that grief was overwhelming none the less. And my dear Khadija whom I met two or three years ago, in a writing class where she spoke so softly and wrote so eloquently about her loss that I wanted to weep. It’s been a pleasure to witness your wellness."- G. Jennings


    "I recommend this book to everyone that has lost someone or just going through some challenges in your life. I admire each of these three women who were willing to share their intimate details with the world. I love everything about this book."- C. Spain Akins


    "This book is helping me through a difficult time in my life. I have lost loved ones and know that I can cope and heal through reading the stories of the authors."- Prov2011


    "Read this captivating book in one sitting! I was so inspired by their story that I want to now write my story! It is my prayer that their story cultivates thought about grief and that it motivates action and inspires healing to all who are fortunate as I have been to read this book! I absolutely loved the book!"- SupaNova Star




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    Mind Healing Conversations Radio Show

    with Host Robyn Hill

    Robyn Hill sat down with Maureen Bobo, Chasity Williams, and Khadija Ali to discuss their book release "The Unwelcome Committee." These three women collaborated with each other to write about their experiences of becoming widows and their unique grief process. We discussed their challenges of trying to raise children, manage households all while going through the most painful heartache. The women also discussed the lessons they learned and how they chose to comfort others to help them through the journey.

    The Unstoppable Stories Show

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    Dr. Ja'net Bishop is a wife, mother, administrator, motivational speaker and now author. She has had to find the "Joy " in her life and walk in her Purpose despite losing the "Love of Her Life!"

    Maureen Bobo is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and now also an author. She is an advocate for other women who find themselves now widowed and single parents.

    Both women have UNSTOPPABLE STORIES of overcoming loss and adversity in order to be encouragers of others. These Unstoppable Stories will warm your heart and help you see the possibilities of "Life After Loss".

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    The Love Journey, Inc is presenting three amazing women whose stories will take you on a path of grief, forgiveness, release, and freedom. Follow the Authors of "The Unwelcome Committee" journey of life's most difficult challenges: being a young widow. Maureen Bobo, Chasity Williams and Khadija Ali share three different perspectives of how being a widow and dealing with the process of grief changed their lives forever.

    Evolutionary Woman Radio

    with Host Khadija Ali



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    The Love Journey Inc.

    with Host Janine A. Ingram aka 'Lady Love'

    Listen to our part 2 on The Love Journey! We were invited to come back and share our story about grief and writing our book, The Unwelcome Committee, on the show.

    Sue Borrows of 'Widow Wednesday'

    Listen to a video testimonial shared by Sue Borrows

    Sue Borrows shares how reading, 'The Unwelcome Committee' helped her understand other widows journey! Sue is also the creator of 'Widow Wednesday' Subscribe to her youtube channel for more videos where she discusses her walk through widowhood.

    Black Women Widows Empowered Radio

    We were guests on April 1, 2017 with Sabra Robinson of BWWE Radio

    "Early in, the grief waves can overtake you; I felt like I would drown." Maureen VictoryisMine Bobo

    "The respiratory therapist came in shortly afterward and assessed his condition and shook his head. He callously turned up the oxygen to the highest level and then threw up his hand and left the room. I was mortified and hurt that someone could be so cold and nonchalant as my husband lay dying." Khadija Ali

    "I have prayed for Darrell to please come to me with some kind of message and advice, but none have come forth." Chasity Williams

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