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Silence is sometimes deafening in the Widow’s Walk. When you think about it the majority of your conversations were with your spouse. The million little conversations you had are not so little now ,say the price of coffee, kids shoe size, that the baby said yellow, that you saw a falcon the other day or whatever. There’s really no one to tell these things to. So if you see me or some another widow talking to herself, don’t be alarmed, we’re probably having a conversation in our head with our departed spouse. Now that I think about it that will probably scare people, lol. Anyway, just know that a widow/widower has more to deal with than just processing through grief. They have a very complicated, multi-faceted life, especially if they have children. It can’t be explained and only those living it will understand what I’m talking about. Be kind to them because you never know where they are on the Widow’s Walk continuum. Side note: If a widow has children and she’s awake, she’s most likely TIRED. It may not be because she’s not getting enough sleep, which it is often hard to sleep, but her emotions are sometimes ON EDGE and often out of sorts, she has a lot on her mind with her children and all. Anyway, as a Christian, I have to stand on Philippians 4:13, ALL things are possible, because many times I have no strength to face the day on my own. Also, I stand on 2 Corinthians 12:9 because God promises me that He is made strong in my weakness. I can’t view my weakness as a negative because God is there ministering to my spirit and I know everything will work out for the good, Romans 8:28. Finally, if I didn’t have Jesus in my heart, my Widow’s Walk would be a Widows stumble...Please Hold On...Healing Happens...

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