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Myself, Maureen Bobo,and Chasity Williams feel blessed and humbled to announce that our dream, our vision and our purpose of serving an ever-growing widow community has come to fruition this month with our new 501c Foundation called Hope for Widows. What would have taken many years for us three busy women to get off the ground, has so graciously fallen into our laps. It is due to the dedication and to the devotion of founders Gwen Peterson and Michelle Eborn that the Hope for Widows Foundation exists. As your new directors of Hope for Widows, we are dedicated to carrying the torch that Gwen and Michelle and their board of directors lit to a new and an expanded audience of women.
We may have different perspectives on widowhood, but were united in our continued motivation to plant seeds of hope in the hearts of other widows. Over the last four years, we have brainstormed continuously how we might and can make an impact within this precious community. We realized that our individual stories needed to be shared, as other women will relate with their unique grieving processes, their personal stresses, and their individual uncertainties. It was with that perspective that our book, The Unwelcome Committee, was published.
Writing The Unwelcome Committee was a true labor of love. Its pages were written in spite of the pain we felt and at great sacrifice. As solo mothers, finding the time to write had to be balanced with raising our children, maintaining households, working full-time jobs, and even finding pockets of time for self-care. The book is raw, uncut and has many personal reflections that may be surprising to read, but it is also a source of strength for women who struggle with the loss of their spouse or partner; women who are struggling to cope with their reality.
To all the widows who yearn to find solace, we ,the new directors of Hope for Widows desire that you'll find peace in knowing that faith is not believing that GOD will make our ideas and plans happen if we give them to Him, but rather, faith is a steadfast trust that what He leads us to and through is better than what we ever planned!
You do not walk the path of grief alone. Your broken heart can be repaired and can be made stronger. Your grief can be turned into hope. Healing Happens.
We invite you to reach out to us if you or someone you care about will benefit from our new strong network of widows.
As widows ourselves, we relate. We understand. We listen. We care.
Please visit our website at www.hopeforwidows.org to learn more about us, our story, our mission, values and vision. Also, many exciting updates and initiatives coming soon as we are making this Leadership transition. We are dedicated and eager to carry this torch beyond expected.

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